My 8 year old has been going to Natalie Woods for just over 3 years now.

She loves going each week. The teachers are wonderful. As a Mum all I could ask is she loves to dance in a happy caring environment. If you are looking for a dance school I would highly recommend Natalie Woods. Xx

Caroline Mitchell.

Our daughter was keen to follow in her cousins footsteps with the dancing.

She has been attending for over a year now & as one of the younger dancers (she was just 3) I was worried it might be too much for her. The ladies down at the dance school were very accommodating & Anna was brilliant at nurturing Farrah & within 6/7 months she was on stage at the Palace Theatre holding her own in the big production. We haven’t looked back since & look forward to Farrah’s continued progress at The Natalie Woods school of dance

Ally Connor.

Fantastic school – my daughter has been going there since she 3 ( she’s now 15)

Fab teachers, lovely pupils, a very supportive and caring environment
Highly recommend anyone to take up this place as a hobby.

Amanda Fitzgerald.

Highly recommend Natalie Woods Dance School!!

Natalie, Anna and their team have provided dance classes for my daughter for over 10 years and their hard work shows in their performances and always so much dedication from both staff and children!!
How many children get to say they’ve performed at the Palace Theatre!!
My daughter LOVES dancing!! She’s made the best friends whilst doing a hobby she loves

Claire Lambert. Xx

I cannot recommend the school of Natalie woods enough!!

My daughter is 9 & has been there 5 years now with Natalie & Anna and their fantastic teachers! My daughter was extremely shy when she started and the difference in her now is incredible! She is so confident and I owe it all to these ladies! Not only is it a fantastic dance school she also has an amazing friendship group as well which again has helped her massively with confidence! Can’t recommend enough! Xxx

Sarah McGinnis.

My daughter has been going to Natalie Woods for the last 4 years – since she was 3.

Natalie, Anna and Naomi are all fantastic teachers and lovely and caring. They really bring out the best in the little ones and you’re happy to leave your child in their hands.
They give all the children the opportunity to participate in the show and to take exams.
Highly recommended.

Suzanne Raw.

I couldn’t recommend Natalie Woods School of Theatre and Dance highly enough.

Both my girls started with the school at age 3 and thoroughly love the classes they do (Ballet, Tap, Jazz) and being taught by the amazing Natalie, Anna and Naomi.
The school itself is very welcoming and professional with a culture based around development, passion and fun and the shows at the Palace Theatre are a real spectacular event with costumes that rival Strictly come dancing 🙂
I have also attended events and private parties at the school again which have been fantastic due to the great facilities and set up of the school.
If you are looking to introduce you children into dance or progress their current skills, look no further (plus you don’t have to stay and wait :))!!

Claire Turpin.

Have to say I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments above.

My little girl is 5 and she’s been dancing at Natalie Woods for 2 years. She started with ballet and has added tap, modern and musical theatre classes into the mix too. Anna and Natalie are fabulous teachers and it’s such a friendly inclusive dance school. It’s been incredible to see my daughter’s confidence and love for dance grow over the time she’s been there and she’s developing a lovely friendship group too. As an added bonus I’ve started going to the adult Zumba and Diva Dance class and the Diva Dance class has really reignited my passion and love for dance too, so not only can my daughter not wait to go to classes but I can’t either! xxx

Lisa Lawson.

“I cannot praise Natalie, her classes and all her teachers enough”.

My daughter, who is 13, has been attending Natalie Woods for 3½ years and thoroughly enjoys it.   She started off attending jazz and stage classes but now also attends ballet, tap and modern classes and glee choir.  She would be there every day if she could. She’s done brilliantly in all the exams she has taken, which is a testament to the dedication of the teachers and she loves taking part in the shows at the Palace Theatre.
I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie Woods to anyone.

Sandra Humphreys

“Ollie has been at Natalie Woods School of Theatre and Dance for almost 11 years, since he was 6”.

Dance continues to be his passion and his escape.
The balance Natalie and her team develop with the children between discipline, exam work, and the social side to being in a group is a credit to them. Natalie also puts on a fund raising show approximately every 12 months at a city centre theatre. This is a major event for the children and parents alike – to be in the auditorium of the Palace Theatre seeing your son take a standing ovation as his hero Michael Flatley is well worth all the evenings spent doing the dancing run, sewing of costumes, sweating over exam routines etc.
Thank you Natalie and team. x x x

Gill Lewis

“I certainly would not hesitate to recommend the Natalie Woods School of Dance”.

The school is run very professionally, communication is first class. Letters are sent home well in advance of Shows, information on costumes, venue changes, fees etc.
 Most important of all, the girls thoroughly enjoy going every week to drama and jazz classes. They have progressed through drama and dance, socially and gaining confidence. The girls have only been there for a couple of years, but certainly intend to stay to well into their teens. This is encouraging when you see the camaraderie with the older students when they arrive for classes. Everyone seems to be in good spirit and ‘One big happy family.
 The pinnacle is the Annual show which is a true reflection of the hard work put in by all the teachers. The students enjoy the show immensely and is a great experience for them at all ages.
 Keep up the excellent work.

Mrs Dickinson

“My daughter Chloe has been attending Natalie woods for the past 6 yrs and takes Ballet,Tap,Modern,Disco,Theatre,Glee class and private vocal lessons!”

Pretty much all the classes. She loves her time spent at the school and has made some great friends. The exams are well organized and the children are really supportive of each other.
 The shows are amazing and are held at the Palace theatre Manchester which is a fabulous experience for any child, with spectacular costumes, there are some extremely talented children and it truly is a night to remember.
 The staff are all friendly and really welcoming and always make the time should you have any questions.
 I feel that Natalie and her team really have made my daughter into a more confident person and she loves her time spent there and hates holidays!!!!

Jenny Thomas

“Beth has attended the school since she was 4 and a half. She’s 11 now”.

It’s probably not going too far to say dancing is Beth’s life outside of school.
 Natalie Woods school has been a fantastic opportunity for her to develop her skills in different dances (tap, ballet, modern and disco) and acting and singing through Drama and Glee Club. The exams are well organised and a good chance to mark progress for pupils.
 Beth is quite shy by nature but at the end of Year 6 in junior school she was given the part of the Scarecrow in the end of year play. She blew us all away (getting rave reviews from staff, pupils and their parents!) and I’m convinced the confidence she has built whilst attending Natalie Woods has contributed hugely to developing her ability to play such a major part.
 The school provides a fantastic opportunity for young people and Natalie and her dedicated staff are to be commended for the great work they do. The shows at the Palace Theatre have been professional and of an extremely high standard. We’re eagerly awaiting the next one! What a fantastic opportunity for kids to be able to perform in such a prestigious venue.
Natalie Woods School of Dance & Drama is a hidden gem in Stockport – and we are so glad Beth is part of it.

Dr J Carter

“I have learnt so much since I started at the school and everyone is so friendly”.

I came just as a hobby but its now turned into my future.
 The classes are so fun and enjoyable to take part in, exams are great for experience and they give you lots of confidence and feedback. 
The shows are the best part of it all. I would have never thought that I would ever perform on stage at a place like the Palace Theatre. Anna, Naomi and Natalie are all excellent and have helped me so much in dance.
 I love summer school I wish it was on for all the summer. I can’t wait for more years to come. 
I love dance its amazing and this school has definitely changed my life.

Kristian Smith

“Natalie, Anna and Naomi have helped my son Kristian come on leaps and bounds and now he has become our Billy Elliot!”

The shows that are put on are out of this world and the team work so hard.
 Kristian loves all of the classes because he has met such lovely people.
 I would just like to say the  dance company is fantastic and thank you for all of your help because if it wasn’t for you, Anna and Naomi then he would have not succeeded in getting into the Northern Ballet in Leeds.

Mr David Smith

“Natalie Woods’ School was originally recommended to us seven years ago as a very friendly dance school, which we would strongly agree with”.

The dance classes and stage school are well run. The teachers are very encouraging and do a lot to increase confidence. They know the children as individuals. Auditions are not required to be in the school or in the shows, it is really inclusive and anyone who is enthusiastic can belong. Natalie is very organised and you always get letters and information in plenty of time.
 Performances in the shows are an amazing standard: it is a really entertaining evening for the audience and it is wonderful to see the enjoyment and enthusiasm of so many young people on the stage. It’s such an experience for them to perform in the Palace Theatre too. Originally my youngest daughter went to Natalie Woods’ and was in a show; when my (older) son saw it he wanted to join, then when they were both in the next show my eldest daughter joined. It was lovely to see them all in the same show last time. Another good thing about the shows is that the rehearsals completely fit into the normal lessons, except on the actual day of the show. There are no extra rehearsals or extra lessons to pay for, which I know happens with other schools. Also Natalie does her best to keep the costume costs down by lending some outfits or using effective outfits that can be collected together at home, but without detriment to the overall effect.
 My youngest daughter has done some dancing exams, and again, these are approached in a friendly and relaxed way, yet the pupils still do very well. There is no pressure to take exams, and they do not have to have extra lessons to do the exams, or buy new leotards etc, as in other schools. If necessary, help is available for the hairstyling on the day, the atmosphere is kept calm and emphasis is on enjoying the dancing.
 All my children have found the atmosphere between the pupils very friendly and have made friends through the school. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Ms Frances Beards

“Natalie Woods School Of Theatre & Dance is a school with a warm, friendly, family atmosphere while at the same time Natalie and her staff are totally professional in their teaching”.

They instil great confidence in even the shyest of pupils and as a result of this very good exam results.
 When the yearly charity show is on at the Palace Theatre it is a huge success thanks to Natalie and her supportive staff.
 I would recommend this school to anyone as thanks to Natalie and Anna my daughter Lauren is now studying Musical theatre in London. Her first year was at ‘Italia Conti’ and she is continuing her education now at the ‘London School of Musical Theatre’ and hoping to have a career on stage.

Mary Raw

“My twin daughters are 13 years old, and have been coming to Natalie Woods school of Theatre and Dance since they were 8 years old”.

They started off by joining the Disco and the Drama classes, doing their first show 18 months later. When they started at the school they had very little confidence and only a limited amount of ability.
 After their first show they asked if they could start tap lessons too. This gave them so much more rhythm and their posture improved very quickly.
In the school holidays there was an opportunity to go to summer school for 1 week, this was the start of the love for the school and of course Natalie. Before long rehearsals were underway for the next show (they are app. every 18 mths apart) the girls dancing improved no end.
 In between the shows there are opportunities to do all the dancing exams as my daughters have done each year.
 After the second show that they did they then asked to join ballet and modern and when they were 12 they started the singing lessons too. Which meant that in the last show which was 18 Months ago Sophie and Olivia were in about 9 numbers, having made their way from the back of the stage at age 9 to the 2nd row at age 12. The next show is in Jan 2011 and the girls are again in many of the numbers and they tell me they have made it to the front for quite a few.
 I am so proud of their achievements which would not be possible without the dedication of Natalie, Anna and the team.
 Sophie and Olivia are now aiming to complete their GCSE’s and A levels and looking forward to auditioning at the many theatre schools around the country.

Sara Worthington

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