Contemporary & Creative Dance


Thursdays & Saturdays See Timetable


£6.75 per hour

Contemporary/Lyrical Dance is all about expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines.

Incorporating elements of lyrical jazz, Ballet and Modern Dance, Contemporary is an exciting fusion which allows pupils to work through powerful and emotional routines.

Our contemporary classes build up from simple steps and tasks to fully formed routines.

It's fast and fun and suitable for people with little or no dance experience.

The classes will help pupils:

• Understand posture and awareness of the body.
• Develop coordination of arms, feet and head.
• Focus on core and posture exercises.
• Floor work.
• Explore correct ways to stretch the body.

We run three separate levels suitable for 6 – 16 years. Our older age group classes run alongside the GCSE curriculum for pupils wanting to take GCSE Dance as an option at High School.